February Meeting

Join us Thursday February 4th at Hilltop Restaurant in Pullman

5:30 social gathering

6:00 program : Building a Penguin, 21′ trailer sailboat by Keith Smith

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Meeting at Rooster’s Landing – Thursday January 7th.

5:30 social mixer, meeting follows.

Welcome all to our first 2016 gathering!

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Christmas Party – December 13

Ahoy ye mateys,

Time to deck the halls and swab the decks, our sailing club’s Christmas Party is scheduled, so dust off your old Santa sweater or pirate elf hat and grab an amusing white elephant for our annual event.

When: Sunday December 13th, 4:30.

Where: Roosters Meeting Room in Clarkston.

What: Dinner, drinks, awards, swearing in 2016 officers, and white elephants exchange.

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Fall Series start time change

It is sunset before 4 now so we need to change the Fall Series start time to 12:00 with no starts after 3:00 so we have time to finish a race started near the end time. It will be better for us to have some light for tear down as well. See you all Sunday on the course at noon.

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Fall Series Race 3

Fall Series race 3 will start at 1:00 on Sunday. We will try to stick with 1:00 as long as we can get decent racing in and put boats on trailers before it gets to dark. A switch to noon will happen if we find we cannot.

RC Chair.

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2nd Day Fall Racing Series

3 boats showed up at Chief Timothy for the second fall series day.

One of the best days ever on the Snake. Wind steady in both velocity and direction for 3 and a half hours. 4 races in and a lot of fun.

The results

Names Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Points
Tim 2 2 1 1 6
Loren and Georgia 1 1 2 DSQ
Jeff 3 3 3 1 10

Boats not appearing will score 4 for this race day.

Season Standings

Name Day 1 Day 2 Total
Loren and Georgia 1 2 3
Tim 3 1 4
Greg 2 4 6
Jeff 4 3 7
Mike 5 4 9
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Fall Racing Series Day 1

5 boats showed up at Chief Timothy for the first fall series race of the season.

Loren and Georgia, Tim, Mike Bradley and Eric Went, Greg Umbright, and Jeff Hanson with new crew Trevor Amoto. Wind was light and variable and we managed to get in two races. Congratulations to Loren and Georgia sailing very well and taking the day.

The numbers

Racers Race 1 corrected     Race 2 Corrected
Loren and Georgia 37.5 37.54 120 120.12
Greg 44.75 42.3 122.25 115.55
Tim 41 41.04 122.17 122.29
Jeff 37.92 37.95 123.1 123.22
Mike 43.83 45.38 129.42 133.98

The results

Names Race 1 Race 2 Points
Loren and Georgia 1 2 1
Greg 4 1 2
Tim 3 3 3
Jeff 2 4 4
Mike 5 5 5

Boats not appearing will score 6 for this race day.

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Club Meeting – Oct 8, 2015

Ok meeting tomorrow night at Roosters in Clarkston, WA

5:30 social  - 6pm meeting
We are nominating officers for 2016
We need new officers do PLEASE support the club and volunteer

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40th Annual Tribune Cup Recap

Ahoy Ye Sailors,

I’d like to thank everyone who came out and all who worked to make our 40th annual Trib Cup Regatta and club birthday party a smashing success including all the racers. And by smashing, I’m not just talking about the 32.66 mph squirrely gusts that hammered us in Saturday’s race!
I for one and Debbie agrees, felt the music was perfect for our celebration and all the band members were delighted at “scoring” a delicious BBQ dinner. They had fun and hope we invite them back for next years party. They’re planning to take me up on an invitation for a boat ride- part of the enticing offer I gave them to play. We were exhausted and our commodore was exhausted, but like Mary said, if you’re exhausted, it just means you did a good job making things happen. Or as my wife said, “we had too much fun!”

I’ll have the TC expenses tallied for our next club mtng and hope we stayed even or might have made a few bucks for the club. There were 41 people at the dinner and we had exactly 35 steaks and five chicken breasts. So one child, who didn’t like either steaks or chicken-go figure, had smart parents that brought him hot dogs! There are a few T-shirts left and hats of different colors. Both the T-shirts and hats came out great and look awesome! So buy one if you haven’t or buy another one for dress-up day.
Fair winds-n-full sails,
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40th Annual Tribune Cup Regatta Update

Ahoy Ye Swabbies,

The Trib Cup Regatta and Sailing Club celebration are coming up fast, only one more week and the weather is looking perfect, both for sailing and partying!

Happy 40th birthday L-CSA. Some of you may not know the story and Butch will need to re-tell it at the party, but according to Butch, back in the day some 40 years ago when the new dam flooded the Snake River, he and 3 or 4 other guys were talking about starting a local sailing club and thought the best way to get people interested was to have a race. Butch, having some connection with the Lewiston Tribune, agreed to sponsor the race and buy trophies which has continued at the TC for 4 decades. And so it was at this race, how our little sailing club began 40 years ago on the river at Silcott Island and with much merriment we plan to celebrate its birth and young adulthood, with feast, drink, and song, cake-n-candles-dancing is optional. Dinner music will be by Beargrass from Moscow-Deary and highly recommended: http://www.beargrassband.com/home.html

Please plan to attend cuz this sailing party’s for your enjoyment and the funnest way our club can spend some money. It’s also been the hard work of our TC planning committee members and Jeff’s work getting the registration posted on-line. If you don’t sign-up, come out anyway, you can still buy dinner as there will be plenty and we’ll sell you some raffle tickets. Debbie’s buying 30 steaks and a few chickens, marinated and barbequed and many others are bringing salads and sweets-Yum! If you want BBQ veggies, let me or Debbie know ahead of time. Make sure you have a club membership card to get into the park for free. If not, let me know and I’ll get you one as this is part of our cost to reserve the gazebo. Also, please treat yourself to a T-shirt and hat. The T-shirts have a “Daring-n-Dynamic” racing design, co-created by Butch and his graphics artist at the Tribune. They are a sport competitor material, soft and moisture wicking. They are also a great buy at $15 which was the quote I got and Jeff posted on-line but ended up costing us $20 each. So you can pay $15 or $20 whatever, we hope to make up some money with the raffle. The hats come in a variety of colors but only got two bright pink-sorry.

The Trib Cup is a great end of summer and club outing, enjoying the beginnings of fall on the island, racing, watching the racing, helping with setting up dinner, helping on the committee boat, and, if you choose camping and camp fires. Debbie and I have elected to sleep in our tear-drop trailer and the dog has promised to behave, not whine as is his nature cuz he’s cold and needs tucked in-we’ll see, only good dogs get treats…

Hope 2CU at Silcott,

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