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Puget Sound-U.S., Gulf Islands-Canada, S.E. Coast Alaska-U.S.

NOAA Nautical Chart On-Line Viewer Pacific Coast  (including Hawai’ian, Mariana and Samoan Islands)

Fisheries and Oceans Canada-Pacific Region Marine Charts, Maps and Data

The following charts have been donated by from Lady II to LCSA by Ceasar Paul and are available for use.  Contact Keith Smith (

Puget Sound

18400-Strait of Georgia and Strait of Juan De Fuca

18440-Puget Sound

18427-Anacortes to Skagit Bay

Gulf Islands

 3450-East Point to Sand Heads

3461-Juan De Fuca Strait; Eastern Portion

3463-Strait of Georgia; Southern Portion

3473-Active Pass, Porlier Pass, & Seymour Narrows

3477-Plans Gulf Islands, Badwell Harbour, Telegraph Harbour, & Preedy Harbour

3512-Strait of Georgia; Central Portion

3513-Strait of Georgia; Northern Portion

3527-Baynes Sound & Comox Harbour

3539-Discovery Passage & Seymour Narrows

3779-Entrance to Rivers Inlet


 17316-Lynn Canal Icy Strait to Skagway

17317- Lynn Canal Point Sherman to Skagway

17318-Glacier Bay

17320-Coronation Island to Lisianski Strait

17323-Salisbury Sound, Peril Strait, & Hoonah Sound

17324-Sitka Sound to Salisbury Sound; Inside Passage

17326-Crawfish Inlet to Sitka

17327-Sitka Harbor & Approaches

17337-Harbors in Chatham Strait

17338-Peril Strait; Hoonah Sound to Chatham Strait

17367-Thomas, Farragut, & Portage Bays

17422-Western Part of Behm Canal

17423-Harbor Charts Clarence Strait & Behm Canal

17426-Kasaan Bay of Prince Wales Island & Clarence Strait

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