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LCSA Members: I need help populating this page.  If you would like to have your information here (including a link to a personal website),  make sure you have paid your dues :) and send me an email (webmaster@lewisclarksailing.org) Attach a picture of you or your boat if you have one!

 Butch and Nancy Ann Alford
SJ21 Nancy-Ann
Randy & Kay Blair
Comet 23 Trimaran – Mantis
Mike McIlvenna Bradley
Mike & Lorena Brown
SJ 21
Dan Dornes
Boat: Hunter 212
Experience: I grew up boating and fishing on power boats with my father on Puget Sound.  I only began learning how to sail in 2006, and got my first sailboat in 2007.  Although I am probably the least experienced sailor in the LCSA club, with the help of my friends and fellow sailors at LCSA, I am continually learning and striving to improve my sailing skills.  In any case, I’m having a lot of fun!!
Alex & Debbie Gourluck
Richard Huggins
Gary Hyde
Montgomery 17 – Hydeaway
Tim Lynch, LCSA Webmaster
Boat: SJ21 Mk II “Coir Jaot” # 1842
Experience: First sail – 1972;  previous boats – AMF Wildflower (1996), Wing Dinghy “Windchaser” (2000); LCSA Member since 1999
 Loren and Georgia Murphy
Boat: SJ21 Mk I “RIO”, 93′ “Zebulon”
Experience: To much to list here!
Mary McCollum
Catalina 250 – Grace
SJ 21 -Mark I-
 Caesar Paul
Rhodes 22
Keith Smith and Mary Fauci
Jerry & Debbie Snell
SJ21 – Niaid
 Greg Umbright
Boat: Aquarius 23
Wes Vaughn, LCSA Race co-chair
Boat: SJ21 Mk II “Yellowjacket” # 1623
Experience: I have been sailing for 25 years now. (crap I am old!!).  I got into sailing through my sailing friend Randy Blair.  I hung around long enough he took pity on me and took me racing.  I crewed for him for 3 or 4 years then got my boat.  I have been able to sail in many different regatta’s and have even been able to do some blue water sailing thanks to my 2nd Skipper Cam Hinman.  I have been involved with our club for many years as well as the San Juan 21 National Assoc.  Look forward to seeing you on the water.



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