Friday May 20: Group dinner at Boyer Park

We are having a group dinner at Boyer Park Friday May 20 at 6pm, see Please call Debbie(509) 879-7997 if you want to be added to reservation count.
Some will be sailing Friday and Saturday between the cloudbursts. Others are renting cabins at the Park.
See you there -
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One Response to Friday May 20: Group dinner at Boyer Park

  1. Keith Smith says:

    We had 10 for dinner at Boyer Park. Two boats, both of which had engine trouble, but we did manage to get a sail in any way. The current was swift. We made it back just before the rain last night. Debbie reports “the river was white with rain” shortly after we left this morning. We hope to have our nasty little outboards purring smoothly before next weekend. A shakedown before the shakedown.

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