40th Annual Tribune Cup Recap

Ahoy Ye Sailors,

I’d like to thank everyone who came out and all who worked to make our 40th annual Trib Cup Regatta and club birthday party a smashing success including all the racers. And by smashing, I’m not just talking about the 32.66 mph squirrely gusts that hammered us in Saturday’s race!
I for one and Debbie agrees, felt the music was perfect for our celebration and all the band members were delighted at “scoring” a delicious BBQ dinner. They had fun and hope we invite them back for next years party. They’re planning to take me up on an invitation for a boat ride- part of the enticing offer I gave them to play. We were exhausted and our commodore was exhausted, but like Mary said, if you’re exhausted, it just means you did a good job making things happen. Or as my wife said, “we had too much fun!”

I’ll have the TC expenses tallied for our next club mtng and hope we stayed even or might have made a few bucks for the club. There were 41 people at the dinner and we had exactly 35 steaks and five chicken breasts. So one child, who didn’t like either steaks or chicken-go figure, had smart parents that brought him hot dogs! There are a few T-shirts left and hats of different colors. Both the T-shirts and hats came out great and look awesome! So buy one if you haven’t or buy another one for dress-up day.
Fair winds-n-full sails,
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