40th Annual Tribune Cup Regatta Update

Ahoy Ye Swabbies,

The Trib Cup Regatta and Sailing Club celebration are coming up fast, only one more week and the weather is looking perfect, both for sailing and partying!

Happy 40th birthday L-CSA. Some of you may not know the story and Butch will need to re-tell it at the party, but according to Butch, back in the day some 40 years ago when the new dam flooded the Snake River, he and 3 or 4 other guys were talking about starting a local sailing club and thought the best way to get people interested was to have a race. Butch, having some connection with the Lewiston Tribune, agreed to sponsor the race and buy trophies which has continued at the TC for 4 decades. And so it was at this race, how our little sailing club began 40 years ago on the river at Silcott Island and with much merriment we plan to celebrate its birth and young adulthood, with feast, drink, and song, cake-n-candles-dancing is optional. Dinner music will be by Beargrass from Moscow-Deary and highly recommended: http://www.beargrassband.com/home.html

Please plan to attend cuz this sailing party’s for your enjoyment and the funnest way our club can spend some money. It’s also been the hard work of our TC planning committee members and Jeff’s work getting the registration posted on-line. If you don’t sign-up, come out anyway, you can still buy dinner as there will be plenty and we’ll sell you some raffle tickets. Debbie’s buying 30 steaks and a few chickens, marinated and barbequed and many others are bringing salads and sweets-Yum! If you want BBQ veggies, let me or Debbie know ahead of time. Make sure you have a club membership card to get into the park for free. If not, let me know and I’ll get you one as this is part of our cost to reserve the gazebo. Also, please treat yourself to a T-shirt and hat. The T-shirts have a “Daring-n-Dynamic” racing design, co-created by Butch and his graphics artist at the Tribune. They are a sport competitor material, soft and moisture wicking. They are also a great buy at $15 which was the quote I got and Jeff posted on-line but ended up costing us $20 each. So you can pay $15 or $20 whatever, we hope to make up some money with the raffle. The hats come in a variety of colors but only got two bright pink-sorry.

The Trib Cup is a great end of summer and club outing, enjoying the beginnings of fall on the island, racing, watching the racing, helping with setting up dinner, helping on the committee boat, and, if you choose camping and camp fires. Debbie and I have elected to sleep in our tear-drop trailer and the dog has promised to behave, not whine as is his nature cuz he’s cold and needs tucked in-we’ll see, only good dogs get treats…

Hope 2CU at Silcott,

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