Full Moon Sail 2013 Recap

From Mike Bradley:
For those who did not participate in the Full Moon Race, here is how it went. It was an interesting evening…  great wind for the start… a few hours of very enjoyable sailing… followed by two hours of variable forward quarter 10-20kt+ winds with occasional abeam gusts out of canyons that would allow us to hang ten on the keel… if we cared to… so instead of the spinnaker we reefed way down and made it to Wawawai by 3:39…  we were hoping for the same winds on the return trip anticipating a return to Chief Tim by 7 AM…  hahahahahaha… the return run was the reverse in every way… light winds…  and lighter winds… ghosting along was the order… but overhead, with the moon down early there was a spectacularly beautiful starry night.. the Dipper, Polaris, Arcturus, the Pleiades, the Milky Way, and just before dawn Taurus and Orion guiding us… and… lots of  meteors to enjoy…
So… the racing was most excellent… with what may prove to be the slowest time ever for a finish… since we persevered and crossed beneath the power lines sometime after 1PM… fortunately, there was no current… or the finish would have
been much later..
So… the race was less than highly competitive… but the scenery and stars made up for it.
The lack of interest in such an enjoyable sail gave me some ideas though…
Lets plan a trip down the river  to coincide with one of the great meteor showers of the year… The sky is perfect over the river  for watching shooting stars, and several good ones occur during summer and fall. We just missed the peak Perseid event by a few days but still had quite a show…  There are two evenings of fireworks out of Aquarius earlier in the summer and in October there is the well known show from  Orion Oct 20, 21 peak per JPL.. this year is an almost full moon for that part of the month, so meteor viewing will be less than good. However, on Oct 7-8 there is the possibility of a good show early in the evening out of Draco… and the moon will be a crescent moon that won’t even rise till about 11pm.
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