Fall Race Series Day #4 – Recap

It looked to be another bleak day of “sailing” on the  river as the sun’s heat reflected off the calm water.  This was October 23rd?  It felt like 80 degrees in the cockpit of my San Juan 21.  I felt way over dressed in a long sleeve t-shirt and blue jeans.  Dennis Riendeau (with special guest Cam Hinman) on NoName, the Murphys on RIO, Jeff Hanson & Jess on Vindr Knifr, Randy Blair on Mantis and myself on Coir Jaot were not overly enthusiastic about the prevailing conditions.   Seeking refuge from the sun in the shade of our sails,  Dennis, Cam  and I decided to tie up at the Race Committee dock.  The cold beer that the Race Committee (Wes and Robbie) was enjoying had nothing to do with our decision.    Soon talk turned to the routing of sheets and what knots on the SJ21.

Time past quickly and before we knew it the wind sock was filling.   Slowly the winds poured down the hillside from the north, then shifted west.   We quickly cast off and met the others at the start line as the wind increased.   Soon we had wind across the course and the first race (once around the buoys) was off and running.  A good start and all five boats were charging upwind to the first mark.  What a relief, both from the heat and the thought of not getting to sail.

Sitting on the rail in the pack of boats I looked around to see smiles on every boat.  The racing was close.  About mid-way down the first windward leg I tacked onto port and squeaked through three boats on starboard.  In 15 seconds I passed close behind Rio, then tight in front of NoName, then a slight adjustment to miss the stern of Mantis.

Wow!  this is fun!!!

With RIO, Vindr Knifr, myself trading positions on every leg of every race, who actually won was of little concern.   The close racing just felt good and refreshing.  To be honest, the racing was so good and we were having so much fun, I failed to keep track of who finished where.    Guess you’ll have to wait until the Awards Banquet in December!

Again, HUGE thanks to Wes, Robbie and Mary for setting the course, running the races and picking everything up afterward.

Tim Lynch – SJ21 1842 Coir Jaot

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