Fall Series Race Day #3 – Recap

We got to sail! We got to race!  The winds were kind and came out to play yesterday afternoon.  The decision to hold off starts till 1:00pm saved us from floating around for two hours.  The winds filled in about 1:30 pm and stuck around until well after 4:00pm.   THANK YOU Robbie Johnson for setting the course and running FOUR races in rapid succession.

5 boats were out , Mantis, Coir Jaot, Rio, a no-name SJ21 (Dennis Reindeau) and Vindr Knifr (Jeff Hanson’s Venture 24).  Racing was extremely tight.  Short course made Randy Blair on his tri-hull have to work extra hard to stay alive on handicap.  The SJ21′s battled at the mark and took different tactics on the downwind runs.  Loren and Georgia manged to cleat their jib sheet on the bow cleat during one leward mark rounding making for some intense moments of foredeck scrambling.

Dennis is getting his SJ21 (Ghost? -it’s white on white and scared me!) tuned and improved with each race, winning the 3rd (assuming he handicaps out in front of Randy – it’ll be close).

The final results will be interesting as Jeff handed the helm to Jess this weekend and they saw a marked improvement on the upwind runs.  She seems to be getting the hang of it.  They are sure to handicap out in front of a SJ21 or two.  Jeff noted he’s a better trimmer than helmsman  :P

All in all, a get October afternoon on the Snake River.   Join us in two weeks and see if we can do it again.



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